Friday, July 31, 2009

Final day of the road trip.

On the return drive from Lalibela a small boy ran up to our car to get us to stop. We were traveling with 3 locals, one being the driver so we had no problem with language, this boy of maybe 8 or 9 wanted a ride anywhere away from the country side he lived in. He had money and was willing to pay us to take him to a city or where ever we were going. He wanted a chance at an education and a better life. These villages or should I say small groups of huts are very remote, all be them many, and have no facilities. The people walk, who knows how many miles, to get water and supplies, and we only saw a hand full schools. Most of the children are shepherds or farmers. In fact, currently Muday has a 15 year old boy staying with her who did just what this young boy was trying to do. He left his life in the country, where he farmed, (and not with the farming tools and machines we know) and his family to live in the city to attend school. In exchange for a place to stay, he helps out at Fresh and Green Academy.
This country is in need of so much and I really think we should all support the organizations that bring water and education to the remote areas of the world. I have seen the need first hand. (Mmmm, maybe there is another project in my future) We did see some wells that had been obviously recently built by NGOs, but so many more are needed. The country side is so vast but so heavily populated and most just live off the land and if the land does not produce the people suffer greatly.

The children we saw often on the side of the roads with their animals or just walking and playing, always waved at the car as soon as they saw us coming. I am guessing that not too many automobiles travel through there. (the roads are terrible) The kids would also run to us saying "Highlander!", which is the name of a bottled water. They know that if someone is driving through they must have bottled water, and they were happy to get our empty bottles although I am sure they would have preferred a full one. We also gave out most of the food we had with us and they we all very appreciative.
I am so thankful to be fortunate enough to experience all that I have. I am constantly learning and having my eyes opened. The more this happens the more my heart is opened, though it does pain me often that I can not do more. But like I have said before if we all just do a tiny bit to help others and our world we will have a huge impact.
Tanks for reading.

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