Monday, April 19, 2010

On our Way!

We have been trying to get to Ethiopia since Friday, today is Monday, things beyond our control have postponed us. The volcano that erupted on Thursday prevented us from going through Europe on Friday so we came to Washington DC on Saturday and 3 of the volunteers got out. Two of our volunteers rushed to actually get out through Israel on Thursday. So there are 3 of us here at the airport hoping and praying to get on the flight this morning.

There was no flight on Sunday so we were able to enjoy a day in DC and took in a museum. I love my job as a flight attendant and all the perks that go along with it but there is a huge down side to all that free travel. Stand by can be brutal! I can handle it, but when I bring loved ones into the picture I feel responsible, though I know I am not, I can't help but take on the stress. That is my nature.

I am so grateful that most of the volunteers are already there and I can relax in knowing Muday is taking good care of them.

We are saying all the prayers we can, and hope to be with the children in about 20 hours!
Please send out the positive energy!

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