Sunday, August 24, 2008

The airport in TLV with Kristen.

Waiting in Isreal

We made it to Tel Aviv. Great flight. We are now just waiting patiently with our 4, 50lb bags of supplies, for our flight that leaves at 1am. It is now 6pm.
I am extremely excited to see the children and the parents, but also a little worried about how their condition may be. Although we send money weekly to run the school meal program that feeds the children, some of the parents don't eat. I have been told that a couple of the mothers are sick and when they get sick they don't recover as quickly as you and I would, do to malnutrition. Hopefully that wont be the case this time.
We will be arriving in Ethiopia tomorrow morning and will be picked up by the school director and her husband. They are wonderful people and I do look forward to seeing them.
I will update once I am in Addis.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Again, on my way to Ethiopia!

Leaving tomorrow! Check back often.