Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Rio Grande Ate My Gucci

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted more than I have had.  When I passionately wanted something, I would work as hard as could to get it.  But most things I just wished for.  I had only wants, rarely desires and never real needs.  I am not sure where those feelings came from.  I grew up in the upper middle class and attended private schools with some extremely wealthy families, I became an International Flight Attendant and have traveled to many places people only dream of and I live in New York City.    I have seen the "good life". (although I know now, money a good life does not make.)  Through luck and circumstance I have stayed in 5 star hotels and eaten at fine restaurants.  Are these the reasons or is it just the American way to always want more?

I do believe God, the Universe, a higher power or something is trying to tell me (and the rest of the world) something.  Fortunately, and just in time, my way of thinking as changed.  Thanks to my involvement in Ethiopia, as I have stated before, I realize I don't need so much.  We also are witnessing at this time how greed can hurt us all.  
And last week one more message was sent to me.  I had purchased a pair of Gucci sunglasses 2 years ago (they were half price) and was wearing them on my head while taking a picture on a bridge 650 feet above the Rio Grande River in New Mexico.  Well they fell off my head and down, 200 meters!  

The Rio Grande ate my Gucci and I am happy to have made the offering!