Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Success Story!

I feel a huge part of helping our children and the academy is empowering their mothers. As I have stated before, the families a poorer than most of us can imagine through no fault of their own. Most of us in the First World see a different type of poverty. A lot, but defiantly not all, of it has been brought on by circumstances that could have been prevented. We see people in the streets who have substances abuse problems, mental illnesses or people who just want be there. (read "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Wells for a look into the latter) Fortunately most Western societies have government help for people who seek it out. Again I know this is not the case 100% of the time but in most African nations help is only available from NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and other small non profits such as ours.
Giving people a little boost can make all difference in the world to people and I am finding that is the case with the mothers in the cooperative at Fresh and green Academy. For the past year, along with making the jewelry that we have been selling for them in the US, they have been able to work in a small store front that had been rented for them by a very generous donor. They have been taking turns "wo"manning the store and I have seen first hand the sense of pride it gives them. While the store is not a huge money maker, it gives them something other than "where their next meal is coming from" to think about daily. Although many of the women are still struggling and some are sick and can not afford decent medical care, they have been empowered and that empowerment is priceless.

We just recently ran into the dilemma of the rent for the year bring finished and were not sure we could take on the expense of the store's rent and running the school. Fortunately we have a had new donor step up to take care of it! Thank you!
The women will be able to continue on their road to independence and show their children along way what it means to have purpose.